At one time or another you have had that moment of superior bliss. That moment when there is no concern for food, water, security, shelter.

My earliest moment I can remember is when I would wake up on Christmas morning and peer down stairs to see if Santa had arrived.  My heart would pound with excitement and pure joy seeing Santa had arrived and left me presents.

When I was in the 3rd grade every time I saw this one girl in her yellow dress, my heart would go into overdrive and it felt good.  She was the most beautiful girl in the world, with the most beautiful everything.  The feeling hit me every time I saw her in my  3rd grade year.  I have never had that feeling since.

Santa gave me a Crossman Pump BB-Pellet gun for Christmas when I was 12 years old.  It was beautiful.  All the guys went into the woods and hunted for hours.  A pack of boys with guns.  Wow that was fun.

The first time I had box is when I was 14 years old.  The best minute of my life.  Girls are our most precious gift; straight, gay or transgender.   Everyone needs love.

I have always loved sports, especially physical sport when I didn’t have arthritis.  Competition is good, wining is better.  But now I compete with video games, but I have take a break and exercise in order to live.

I have given up cigarettes, alcohol, taking narcotics (prescriptions only) for pain.  I enjoy being in a natural state.  I may smoke marijuana when I retire completely.  The juror still out on that idea.

My best source of bliss and happiness is my wife, who is also my partner, lover, friend, and confidant.  I was having a conversation about the word “Love”.  I love my wife.  I can say “Love”.  “Love” is just a word that does not define our relationship.   I just know when she is not around, I feel lonely.  And before I met her and married her, I felt incomplete.  Our relationship is not define by a physical relation.  But it’s nice to bang the person you like to hang around with.  When I think of my wife, I’m happy!!



So Say We All

God will show us the way. What is the true perception of what is right or wrong, good or bad, and moral or evil. The body is the temple, it knows true love, true hate, true fear, when to run, hide, fight,smile, love, and procreate. Life is simple. Everyone has the right to be happy and you are no longer a child when you are 18 years old.

God Knows All And Directs Us All